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Branding: Creating Meaningful Connections with Customers

By Nikke Blout on September 14, 2020 8:56:47 AM PDT

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Creating Personal & Purposeful Connections with Customers | MINDVIBZ®

There's one thing for sure in this new world: coronavirus has changed the business landscape.

Not only is the world changed in terms of societal shifts, but it has also changed how we both shop and market to companies and consumers.

Emotional brand identity and marketing is becoming bigger these days, with everyone from Facebook to Internet companies playing on our emotions. So how can we connect more personally with B2B branding?

In this blog post, we'll discuss some of the ways that are achievable. Read on for more information.

Emotion and B2B Branding

An earlier Motista survey conducted across a wide range of industries found that B2B companies are often more emotionally invested in their brand, and in purchases, than consumers. This goes against what many people might believe, that the only way to play on emotion is through consumer ads.

But many companies and those involved in them believe in their product or service. They believe that what they are doing changes lives. As such, it is important to remember that just because you're marketing to B2B, doesn't mean you're marketing to robots. On the contrary, you're marketing to real human beings--and those who hold their customers of high value.

Current Events and B2B Brand Positioning

As we've mentioned above, many companies are using COVID-19 to market to their customers. They play on their emotions, often coming up with a line about how the product keeps them connected to those who matter -- or how the human spirit will rise again.

B2B marketing can also play up on this if it's done in an authentic and classy way that champions the brand.

There is definitely a difference between exploiting the current pandemic and tapping into people's emotions around it. As it is something everyone is dealing with currently, it's a prime way to get at the heart of brands and their emotional connections their consumers.

Focus on Being Helpful - How Your Brand Helps Companies Help Their Customers

You may not be able to produce a flashy web video that shows how your company brings people together in times of crisis. But you can still play on the emotions of brands by helping them help their customers.

For example, if you're a company that offers phone connections, specifically aimed at B2B companies, emotions are easy to play upon. Even in quick, simple, ads and one-liners, you can show how the phone lines connect the business to the consumer in times of crisis and in times of happiness.

Your B2B business helps businesses put their customers first. Highlighting this definitely play on emotions.

B2B Branding and Beyond

B2B branding and playing to emotions is a powerful way to help potential customers see what you can do for them. Remember, you're not creating a gimmick or something cheesy, instead, you want to foster real connections and real emotions.

Your end goal isn't to force people to impulse buy your product due to their emotions, only to decide to ditch it a few weeks later. Your goal is to show how your company can help companies improve their customers' lives.

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