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Your brand identity is the very first thing potential customers will see. It’s their first introduction to your company’s goods and services and should reflect your corporate vision. That’s why at MINDVIBZ®, we take brand identity very seriously, offering comprehensive branding packs to make sure your products and services attract the right audience. With our branding solutions, we can help guide the conversation about your company and boost your bottom line.

Whether you’re designing a new product you want to market or simply want to create a presentation for clients, our digital marketing experts are here to help make your new branding project a success.


Brand Identity Packs | MINDVIBZ®


How We Can Help

When you entrust your brand identity to MINDVIBZ®, we’ll help you develop a roadmap for success. We do this by taking a look at what others in the industry are doing and how we can make your company and your products/services truly stand out and connect with your audience.

Our brand identity pack services include:

  • Logo Design
  • Logo Iterations (for print and digital usage, including non-color variations)
  • Font Styles (also known as typography or typeface specification)
  • Color System (color palette with RGB, HEX, CMYK, Pantone specifications)
  • Layout System
  • Imagery Specifications
  • Stationery Layout (Letterhead & Envelopes)


Of course, you can extend this to include design layouts for:

  • Business Cards
  • Branded Templates for Powerpoint
  • Product Packaging
  • Product Labels
  • Merchandise
  • & More


For additional identity packs, please see our other offerings:

  • Social Media Identity Pack
  • Website Identity Updates


Brand Identity Pack | MINDVIBZ®


Polish Your Brand Identity Today with Our Full Scope of Branding Services

If you want to work with a company that’s dedicated to helping you achieve your branding goals, MINDVIBZ® would love to hear from you. We’ll work with you every step of the way to make certain your branding solutions reflect your goals.

In addition to our brand identity packs, we also offer a range of other services including website audit services, brand audit servicesbrand strategy blueprint, corporate identity services, website design services, conversion rate optimization and more.

Whether you want to highlight a new product or change your company’s brand presence, MINDVIBZ® offers solutions to help you make it happen.

For more information about how MINDVIBZ® can elevate your brand, simply fill in this short form and we’ll reach out to you to see how we can help. 

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