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MINDVIBZ® knows that manually handling each and every aspect of your digital marketing campaigns is unmanageable for most companies and, thankfully in today’s high-tech world, it’s no longer necessary. Through marketing automation, we not only can help you to streamline and improve your marketing campaigns and lead generation activities, but also personalize the message and determine a campaign’s success with analytics. By increasing efficiencies and outcomes, you’ll be able to focus staff and resources elsewhere while your automated marketing platform takes the reins.


Marketing Automation & Lead Generation | MINDVIBZ®


Marketing Automation & More – Powered by HubSpot®  

Our automation and lead-management services are powered by the HubSpot marketing platform, one of the most highly regarded and user-friendly business growth platforms used by tens of thousands companies around the globe. By providing a central CRM database for all customer information and interactions, HubSpot offers right-sized solutions for marketing, sales and service teams.

For marketers, HubSpot helps create segmented, personalized, and timely marketing campaigns for customers or prospects. And when all the customer-facing teams are using the same cross-platform solution in concert, they find themselves delighted to finally have a single-point-of-truth enabling them to work more efficiently, drastically improve the customer experience and grow the business, together as an agile team.


Marketing Automation Funnel | MINDVIBZ®


What Is Marketing Automation?

Before diving right into how we might be able to help, here's a quick refresher specifically on what marketing automation is and what it entails. In the simplest of terms, marketing automation employs innovative software designed to drive revenue with lead management by automatically performing repetitive and/or cyclical marketing tasks across multiple platforms, such as websites, blogs, landing pages, social media, PPC ads, and more.

One of the primary uses of marketing automation is to assist in inbound marketing, which is designed to draw customers to your site using helpful and human forms of content, SEO links, social media and landing pages, all with a call-to-action to trigger entry into the CRM system and respective automated engagement sequences, i.e. email marketing.


Why Is Marketing Automation So Important?

Here are a few reasons among many why marketing automation and lead management are so important:

  1. Segmentation, Personalization & Timing:
    By implementing comprehensive automation software, you can dynamically organize by segment and respectively personalize your marketing campaigns to ensure that they’re reaching the right people at the right time, i.e. after specific actions, triggers or periods of time. The key data and insights collected help you monitor, test and hone your tactics to optimize outcomes.

  2. Lead Nurturing:
    Through the data and insight gained from your marketing automation platform, you’ll be able to nurture your campaigns every step of the way through the funnel. Automation software gives you the ability to combine multiple criteria and lead-scoring systems, making it easier to identify sales qualified leads.

  3. Data Insights & Efficiencies:
    With automation software, you can increase the efficiency of your marketing tactics by seeing real-time what’s working and what’s not, as well as being able to automate time-consuming tasks. Using data-driven marketing, you’ll also be able to better align your team resources and define campaign parameters.


How MINDVIBZ® as a HubSpot Partner Can Help

As a certified HubSpot Solutions Partner, MINDVIBZ® can help you improve your marketing strategy by offering key insight and services into a variety of different things. Our team can guide you in the following processes:

  • Planning & Implementation:
    When planning and implementing your automated marketing strategy, MINDVIBZ® provides everything you need to get your marketing software up and running quickly. You’ll have a fully configured automated marketing portal in a matter of weeks.

  • Onboarding:
    During the onboarding process, our team of marketing experts will sit down with you and discuss your specific goals, needs and expectations. Then, we’ll use our insights and experience to create an optimal marketing automation implementation plan for you.

  • CRM Integration:
    We can provide seamless sales and CRM integration with our automated marketing software, offering multiple plans and options depending on your sales goals. We’ll help you grow your sales leads, gain better oversight into sales cycles, improve close rates, and more.


Marketing Automation | Data-Driven Marketing | MINDVIBZ®


Close More Sales by Providing Prospects the Right Content with the Right Interactions at the Right Time.

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In addition to marketing automation strategy services, we also offer content marketing, SEO, social media marketing, website design and development, and brand building services.



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