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Plan. Build. Grow. Scale.




Is your marketing strategy a puzzle you can't solve?

As brand strategists and digital 'markitechts', we understand the challenges of creating a marketing program that is aligned with your customers and their journeys, is digitally savvy, and has an impact on business revenue and ROI.

Our programs address each of the above challenges in your marketing journey.


Strategy & Target Audience Development

Navigating achieving growth potential and securing a competitive edge with sound positioning and growth-minded strategies.



Brand Identity & Content Creation

Building and managing brands that market with greater gravity via consistency and customer-centric creative design and communications.


Growth Marketing & Lead Management

Attracting, engaging and converting customers with targeted campaigns and promotions that create empathy for the brand and qualified leads to sales.


Growth-Driven Solutions for Your Business

1. GrowthMinded.Design

Plan for Success

Develop a sound strategy by discovering where you're at and defining where you want to go. Mapping out your strategic goals in the context of the competitive landscape and your buyers' journeys will help you better navigate achieving your growth potential while keeping the needs of your customers in mind.


Two creative millenial small business owners working on social media strategy brainstorming using adhesive notes in windows

2. Brand.Builders

Build a Strong Brand

Secure a competitive edge, relevant mind share and scalable growth with a customer-aligned brand identity. With your branding and communications architecture in place, you're ready to market with greater gravity.


two colleagues interior designer discussing data and digital tablet and computer laptop with sample material and digital design diagram on wooden desk as concept-1

3. Modern.Marketing

Grow Your Business with ROI

Generate more leads and convert more customers with targeted campaigns and promotions that create empathy for your brand with SEO, Web Design, Landing Pages, Paid Ads, Content Marketing, E-Mail, Social Media, CRM and Marketing Automation.


Businesswoman showing digital tablet to colleagues in the office

4. MoreCustomer.Love

Scale Your Growth with ROR

You work hard to win every new customer, so it's important to keep them for life. Achieving emotional connections with your brand means maintaining a 360° view of your customers' journey. By taking care to retain their trust and loyalty, your buyers will love and share your brand exponentially. It's a Return on Relationship (ROR) that increases profitability and makes good financial sense!

Business people closing a deal and handshaking at the office
"I rarely come across real marketing and branding talents, who stand out like Nikke. I had the pleasure of working with her for more than four years and learned a lot from her with regards to strategic communications and branding. Nikke’s ability to help sort out our brand portfolio was unlike any I’ve seen before and she professionalized the communications of our company. She earns my highest recommendation for every strategic marketing challenge."
Alexander Pietschmann
CEO, Adam Hall Group

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