Now More Than Ever, We Must Lean in to Connect, Grow, Inspire

Navigating with a shared purpose & vision centered on the customer experience.

As the world continues heading into 'new normals', businesses are becoming increasingly more cautious about making financial investments. Yet now more than ever is the time for companies to take a bold, agile and value-creation approach to all customer-facing initiatives starting with marketing.

Meanwhile, you're...



Because Marketers Today Must Navigate a Sea of Tech & Tactics

How do you know what's putting wind in the sails and what's leaking out in the hull? With so many instruments like these and more, it's tough to keep a vantage point on the customer experience.


Organic Search

Content Marketing

Email, Blogs, eBooks, Whitepapers

Social Media

LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram


Paid Media: Search, Display, Social, Retargeting

Video Marketing

Video Production for Content Marketing.


The website's #1 job is to create leads that turn into customers.

Landing Pages

Generating More Leads with Landing Pages


Metrics to Measure ROI


Instant Recognition of Positioning & Differentiation; Trust Mark


Relationships with Influencers and the Media


Conversion Rate Optimization and Continuous Funnel Analysis

...& much more

manage and nurture generated leads and much more!

Agility Rules the Waves


Right-Time Solutions Approach

Our CONNECT, GROW, INSPIRE™ full-lifecycle solutions method provides a more strategic and customer-centric approach to help you achieve rapid time-to-value and next-level growth targets.

We do this by offering right-time marketing programs that align your business' growth strategy with the buyer's journey, from positioning, brand development and website optimization to modern inbound marketing, lead management, sales alignment and more.

MINDVIBZ® has solutions to meet you where you're at and help you grow your business.

Marketing Solutions Circle MINDVIBZ®


BUILD LEVERAGE  —  Gone are the days of being product-focussed with the "build it and they will come" mentality. Modern-day businesses know buyers have a sea of choices at their fingertips and thus, need to create and connect by being customer-centric at the core — developing solutions that address needs and solve problems while creating strong differentiation and a unified experience. 

Integral to this is steering with purpose and being customer-centric at the core. This starts with executive leadership recognizing the importance of strategy led by vision and a mission, to creating buyer personas toward being more human and helpful, all the way to ensuring the brand reflects the values of your customers and sends a signal of trust.

To CONNECT your business together with your buyers, we can help you with:

MINDVIBZ® | Solutions | Connect.


INCREASE LEADS  —  By building on a sound foundation of having a customer-centric strategy and a brand identity that authentically resonates with your prospects & customers, you can take your marketing from megaphone to magnet so your business can gain traction and more quickly reach growth targets. 

Integral to this is ensuring you are generating and nurturing enough leads by reaching the right people at the right time with the right message. To do this, you need to be generating ongoing relevant content, from blogs, videos, whitepapers, case studies and more, while ensuring it's reaching your audience in the channels, from email, search engines, social media, press & influencers, and your website. And of course, analytics to understand & optimize the value of your marketing investment.

To GROW your leads & revenue, we can help you with:



CULTIVATE LOYALTY  —  You work hard to win every new customer, so it's important to ensure your customers stay loyal while being your best promoters.

Achieving loyalty with your brand means maintaining a 360° view of your customers' journey and ensuring all customer-facing teams are working as a unit. By creating transparency internally, you're much more likely to harmonize the overall experience and your customers will trust and share your brand without hesitation. It's a Return on Relationship (ROR) that increases profitability and just makes good financial sense.

To INSPIRE your customers toward being loyal and being promoters, we can help you with:


Ready to Take a More Customer-Centric, Value-Creation Approach to Your Marketing?

It's Time!

We know a smooth sea never made a great sailor.

We also know it takes courage, expertise and a winning team.

By working together, we can be an extension of your crew helping you navigate in these uncertain times toward new horizons. 

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