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Bring Your Message to Life and Drive Up the Engagement

If content is king, then video content is indisputably the queen of this king. To hone in on the point, did you know that more than a billion hours of video are being watched by YouTube user – every day?! Not to mention the popular video network boasts more than two billion users and continues to grow. It’s for these reasons that many businesses consider video marketing as one of the most crucial components in their digital marketing strategy.

At MINDVIBZ®, we help you tell your company’s story, highlighting your brand and showcasing your services. Through the use of appealing video content, we help you connect with your target audience and reach customers and prospects directly. However, it’s important to note that we’re not simply talking about infomercials or product features here, but truly fresh and unique videos your customers won’t find anywhere else.

We help you create videos that are engaging, that solve pain points among customers, and strike an emotional chord, making your brand come alive in the minds of your audience.


Video Marketing Production | MINDVIBZ®


Why Video Is Queen of the Content King

In today’s high-tech, low-touch world, there are plenty of reasons why video marketing is such a necessary component of any integrated digital marketing strategy.

Here are six reasons why you can’t afford to not be engaging your audiences with video.

Video Marketing…

  1. Drives Organic Traffic / SEO:
    According to many studies, companies are at least 50% more likely to show up in Google’s rankings if they have a video embedded somewhere on their site. By optimizing video content with keywords and unique information, you can easily drive organic traffic.
  2. Is Preferred on Social & Mobile Platforms:
    Videos can be easily viewed and shared on social media platforms and via mobile devices and are often preferred over written content.
  3. Provides Higher ROI:
    Video marketing can provide increased ROI than other tactics by highlighting products and solving pain points, better connecting with users, and driving conversions.
  4. Commands More Attention:
    One of the foremost reasons video marketing matters is because it simply commands more attention than other types of media because it’s both audible and visual.
  5. Creates Stronger Emotional Connections:
    Videos can help customers and stakeholders in your industry put a face to your name, creating an emotional connection, and building trust.
  6. Brings Your Brand’s Message to Life:
    As mentioned above, video marketing helps build trust and create a face for your brand. In this way, it’s a very powerful tool to help you tell your story.


How MINDVIBZ® Can Help

We can help your company transform your products and services from a simple, one-dimensional commodity into something that’s 3D and pulling in your audience. Video marketing is all about building a connection, and we do this by offering:

  • Video Concept, Storyboarding & Design

  • Pre-Production & Post-Production Services

  • Editing, Graphics, & Narration Services

  • Music Licensing ServicesProduction Services

  • Filming, Equipment & Talent Acquisition

  • Final Revisions & Output Files


How We Work with You

MINDVIBZ® works with you to create a targeted video marketing strategy by truly understanding your business, as well as your target audience and goals. We frequently work with B2B businesses and can offer key insight and help you connect with buyer personas and stakeholders in your industry.

We’ll help you determine what type of storytelling will resonate with your audience and develop a video to help you get the best ROI possible. Before beginning any work, we’ll sit down with you and review key objectives and deliverables as well as provide you with a clear timeline and scope of the work.


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