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A guide to creating a marketing plan that drives your ROI with more impactful, measurable marketing campaigns.

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MODERN.MARKETING | Integrated Marketing Programs Designed for Growth

We know that devising comprehensive marketing plans and campaigns is a lot of work as it encompasses a number of different moving parts. As a Certified HubSpot Solutions Partner, MINDVIBZ® offers the full spectrum of inbound marketing services under one umbrella. Our modern marketing solutions portfolio follows the inbound marketing approach and includes everything you need to create a winning digital marketing strategy. 


Digital Marketing Audit

A comprehensive digital marketing audit is the first step to constructing a winning digital marketing strategy. MINDVIBZ® takes a look at every aspect of your current digital marketing strategy to determine what works and where there’s room for improvement, including your SEO and search tactics, social media presence, content, website, and more. Our experts provide an outside perspective and key insight into how you can develop a marketing plan that will boost your leads, clickthroughs, and sales.

It Starts with Asking the Right Questions

We start by asking you a number of questions to gain key insight into your needs and expectations, such as:

  • Are you getting the results you expect from your marketing strategy?
  • Are you tracking your marketing results for future campaigns?
  • After directing traffic to your website, is your site converting prospects into leads?
  • Which one of your marketing channels are generating the most leads and providing the greatest ROI?
  • Do you have a solid content marketing strategy in place?
  • Do you have a reliable advertising strategy in place?
  • Are you getting enough value out of your marketing budget?


Learn more by visiting our Digital Marketing Audit services page.


Digital Marketing Audit | MINDVIBZ®


Search | SEO

Arguably one of the most important components of any marketing plan, search-engine-optimization (SEO) is the best way to get your brand in front of consumers and potential B2B clients. Our SEO solutions will ensure that when anyone searches online for goods and services related to your company/industry, your business’s name will pop up at the top of the list. We develop a clear roadmap for SEO success by implementing a plan that consists of:

  • Copywriting: We create unique copy rich in keywords and metadata to help attract the right customers.

  • Link Building: MINDVIBZ® employs a variety of strategies to ensure that your website has quality backlinks associated with it.

  • Keyword Research: Our team takes a close look at what keywords are being used in your industry, as well as what your competitors are doing to determine what keywords perform the best.

  • Local Search: Optimizing your website for local search ensures you connect with those in your area and helps boost sales and leads.

  • Mobile SEO: Nowadays, a lot of business is done on mobile devices, so we make certain your website is compatible with every type of device.

  • & More


Learn more by visiting our Organic Search SEO services and Google Adaptive SEO pages.

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Content Marketing

Generating and curating quality content is one of the best ways to gain a steady following and connect with consumers. At MINDVIBZ® we create content that generates leads and builds brand authority. It’s all about giving your customers something they can’t find anywhere else: this is the best way to generate leads and push organic traffic to your site.

We focus on developing content that’s actually useful to your target audience, giving them solutions to their problems and solving pain points in the industry. It’s this type of content that inspires your audience to go further and make that connection by either visiting your website or investing in your goods or services.

Learn more by visiting our Content Creation services page.


Content Marketing Services | Content Creation | MINDVIBZ®


Social Media Marketing

Having a strong social media presence is a good way to attract new customers, as well as build trust with current ones. We’ll help share your brand across different channels and start a conversation. All of our social media services are designed first and foremost to connect you with your key buyer personas. We do this by taking time to understand who you are as a company and what you have to offer, then highlighting your brand accordingly.

Although often seen as more of a B2B tactic, the right social media plan can also deliver results for B2B businesses, with retargeting to help connect with those who visited your website but didn’t convert the first time.

The social media marketing services from MINDVIBZ® can help you streamline your advertising spending, interact with your customers to build trust, reach local and global audiences, and build brand authority.


Learn more by visiting our Social Media Marketing services page.


Social-Media-Marketing | MINDVIBZ®



PPC Advertising

For those who don’t want to wait for organic results to trickle in, advertising and pay-per-click (PPC) services help speed up the process, often delivering qualified leads and sales in as little as a few days. By investing in targeted promotional space on a variety of platforms, you can double your audience and generate fast results for campaigns that need them.

PPC tactics are so essential among digital marketers for a number of reasons, the first being that they can provide granular control, allowing you to see what type of device was used to access your site, as well as when and from where. Additionally, you’ll get the best return on your marketing investment because you’ll only be required to pay for actual conversions.

Some of the most common advertising channels MINDVIBZ® works with include:

  • Google Ads 
  • Google Shopping
  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • YouTube Ads
  • Bing Ads
  • & More


Learn more by visiting our PPC Advertising services page.


PPC Advertising | Pay per Click | MINDVIBZ®



Video Production

Did you know that more than a billion videos are being watched by YouTube users every day? That’s why any comprehensive digital marketing blueprint always includes video production and optimization. With more than 2 billion users subscribing to YouTube channels, video marketing can be a great tool to expand your brand’s reach.

By creating videos that offer customers solutions and unique insight into your industry, products, and services, you can strike a chord with your audience. Video marketing is a great way to help audience members get to know you better, putting a face behind your brand. Even something as simple as sharing a behind-the-scenes video can have enormous results.

The right video can help drive organic traffic, provide great ROI, create a strong emotional connection with consumers, and much more.

Learn more by visiting our Video Production services page.


Video Marketing | Video Production | MINDVIBZ®




MINDVIBZ® makes implementing and monitoring your digital marketing solutions easy by offering complete automation and lead management services. With our software and solutions, you’ll be able to collect data and gain key insight into your campaigns, all under one umbrella. Powered by HubSpot® CRM and Growth Suite software, you can manage the full-scope of sales, customer service and marketing activities, and even create personalized, timely campaigns across a variety of channels with ease and transparency.

With our marketing automation and lead management solutions, you’ll be able to easily increase digital marketing ROI, scale your efforts, and generate qualified leads. You’ll be provided with a central CRM database for all of your customer information and interactions. The HubSpot® Marketing Hub™ offers solutions for marketing professionals, as well as sales and service teams.

As a HubSpot® partner, we help with every aspect of implementation, as well as onboarding and CRM integration so there’s no stone left unturned.


Learn more on our Marketing Automation and Lead Management services page.

Marketing Automation | Lead Generation | MINDVIBZ®



Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the process of optimizing a website or landing page to turn more visitors into customers. It's all about diving deeper into your customer journey, understanding what steps in the buying process are working (and which are broken), and improving the experience until you're left with a frictionless buyer's journey that's tailored to each of your customer archetypes or personas.

It's much easier to double your business by doubling your conversion rate than by doubling your traffic. ~ Jeffrey Eisenberg


Conversion rates are simply a ratio, which tells you what percentage of visitors to your website actually convert. Conversion rates are calculated by dividing the number of goal completions, such as sales conversions, by the number of visitors, and then multiplying that number by 100 to derive a percentage.

For instance, if 1000,000 people visited your website last month, and of those visitors, 3,000 bought a product, then your conversion rate would be 3%.


Conversion Rate Definition | Popupsmart


Key Benefits of CRO:

  • Understand your buyers better
  • Improve decision making
  • Convert more buyers and lower your customer acquisition costs
  • Boost your SEO efforts
  • Increase your customer lifetime value
    by creating tailored experiences not only for new customers, but for loyal ones too


We offer you conversion rate optimization solutions designed to tackle different aspects of your website's challenges and make the most out of your website investment – turning it into one of your greatest assets: a 24/7 salesperson working for you non-stop.


To learn more, visit our Conversion Rate Optimization | CRO page.





Why Choose MINDVIBZ® 

MINDVIBZ® understands that no two businesses are alike, meaning there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to digital marketing. That’s why all of our solutions are designed to be personalized and scalable, meeting your needs and growing with your company as those needs change. We practice a step-by-step approach, offering frequent touch points and campaign updates to ensure that your marketing blueprint meets your needs and is in-line with your goals and expectations.

During the setup process, our team of experts sits down with you to discuss your expectations, then provides a clear roadmap outlining how we plan to meet those goals. If something’s not working the way it should, we offer real-time feedback and solutions to optimize results.

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