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When it comes to creating a comprehensive SEO plan, nothing is more important than ensuring your website is up to par. You might have a phenomenal marketing strategy but if your website isn’t optimized and ready to convert those clicks into leads, you’ll be missing out on new customers and revenue opportunities.

That’s why our team at MINDVIBZ® ® offers in-depth website audit and analysis services to ensure your site is operating at peak performance levels. We help you take control of your website and make sure that every visitor, who makes their way to your site, can take the next step and become a customer.


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How We Can Help

MINDVIBZ® takes a holistic approach when we are performing a website audit, looking at every aspect of it to determine what you’re doing right and where you can improve. This includes:

  • Checking Your Site’s Health: Our website audit reports go over your site with a fine-toothed comb, using today’s latest tools and technology to evaluate it from an SEO standpoint. Our goal is to create a positive user experience, as well as correct broken images, create unique and easy-to-read titles, meta descriptions, and more; everything that affects your search engine rankings.
  • Giving You Complete Control Over Your Site: When it comes to sites with a large number of webpages, our website audit services make the process easy to observe and monitor what’s working. We can help you easily identify errors, notices, and warnings, while simultaneously checking for issues with links, speed, content, coding, crawlability, and more.
  • Analyzing Your Site’s Design: The design of your website, believe it or not, plays a large role in where you stand in search rankings. With our website audit services, we can analyze your site to make sure all of your information is up to date and easy for customers to find what they want. Additionally, we make sure it’s optimized for mobile and is responsive in different browsers.
  • Optimizing Your Content: When it comes to content, making sure it has the proper links and SEO keywords is key. We help you review the content on your site and make sure it’s up to date, as well as being seen by the right people and shared in the right places.
  • Gauging Your Site’s Ability to Sell: Getting found is half the battle. Beyond having a clean bill of health for your website, we help review your website’s conversion paths and user journey paths. In other words, we’ll assess how sales-ready your website is, or can be.




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Are you curious if your website is doing all it can to bring customers in and convert them to leads? The team from MINDVIBZ® can provide an expert perspective and give you all of the necessary insight to help your website rise to the top of the rankings.


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