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It All Starts with Having the Customer in Mind

Thinking your website can be and do such more than serve as an online business card? And how about attracting more targeted traffic and ensuring your site isn’t losing the right kind of visitors?

Whether you’re wanting to create a new website or looking for a website redesign strategy for an existing one, it’s important to ensure your website goals, structure and design are aligned with not only your overarching business strategy, but also your customers' journey, before initiating any execution.



Ready, Aim, Convert

When it comes to making your site convert, it’s all about defining who your target audience is, including prospects, customers and all other key stakeholders, and then designing an effectively helpful experience for them respectively. Encouraging visitors to your site and through the funnel by making it easy for them to find what they’re looking for is the best way to ensure your website becomes your own best sales representative, working 24/7 sending the right messages, to the right audience, at the right time, every time.

That’s why MINDVIBZ® is here to help you streamline that journey and optimize your website for conversions and sales success.


How to Determine If a Website Redesign Blueprint Is Right for You?

A website redesign blueprint isn’t always right for every business, so before investing in one it’s important to determine whether or not doing so is right for your company. There are several factors to consider when deciding to implement a custom-made redesign strategy. Firstly, ask yourself if you’re looking to migrate your website or if you have more specific, goal-oriented projects in mind rather than a total overhaul.

If you are confident that your website can do such much more in supporting your growth goals, then a strategic blueprint is a good way to gain that leverage while getting your entire stakeholder team on board with the big picture.


Website Strategy Team | MINDVIBZ®


How We Can Help

Let MINDVIBZ® Create a User-Centric, Converting Website Strategy for Your Business

A valid question for anyone looking into a redesign of their website is whether it makes sense to hire an inbound marketing agency or simply a web designer. While a web designer can be the logical choice, in order to get the best results from your website redesign, enlisting the services of a digital marketing professional is often better than hiring a web designer.

There are numerous reasons for this, primarily that an experienced digital marketing team will know exactly what to do to optimize your website for sales purposes. They’ll also be able to provide you with key insight as to what your competitors are doing and structure a site that will go above and beyond the competition.


Why Your Business Needs an Inbound-Built Site

Here are some advantages working with an inbound marketing agency like MINDVIBZ® can bring to your site design. An inbound-built website will address that it is…
  • Easy to use and intuitive to navigate, focusing on the customer and their journey.
  • Helpful and educational, offering content that solves customer pain points, including featured video content.
  • Visually appealing and aligned with your brand identity.
  • Sales-ready, supporting your business growth objectives.


Understanding What Your Site Truly Needs

In addition to the advantages mentioned above, some of the most important aspects converting websites feature are:

  • A Customer-Centric, Sales-Enabling Architecture and Design: Having your website optimized for sales is the best way to boost your bottom line. You can do this by making it easy for clients to quickly find relevant information, solutions to their problems, how to connect with the right contact while being able to collect data on qualified prospects & customers and manage leads..
  • Customer-Centric Content: Having a website that builds trust among current customers and potential clients is one of the best ways to generate success. You can guide the conversation by making customer-centric content available on your website and addressing any potential pain points with your audience.
  • Search-Compelling Content: Designing a site that’s optimized for online search engines will help bring visitors to your website and increase user engagement. Having a website that loads quickly is another important component of rising in the search rankings, in addition to being optimized for mobile search and use.
  • Conversion-Friendly Features: Optimizing your website for search is one great way to make certain you attract visitors and increase traffic, but you can go one step further. The best way to develop a site focused on conversions is to give your customers the opportunity to convert at a variety of points throughout your website, including adding things like live chat or chatbots.


Website Strategy Process | MINDVIBZ®

Our Website Strategy Blueprint Services

By working together with us, you and your team will be able to align and gain a greater understanding of what your website needs to support and help better achieve your business’ objectives. When you invest in the website redesign blueprint services from MINDVIBZ®, you’ll walk away with a/an:

  • Summary of objectives and strategic alignment.
  • Audit of your current website.
  • Proposed user-centric architecture.
  • Proposed SEO-centric sitemap.
  • Fully designed mockup of a new homepage.
  • Action plan outlining your page strategy for success.
  • Key message mapping to support content creation.
  • Roadmap outlining proposed technology, resources, estimate and timeline. 

Where the Rubber Meets the Road

We know that having a solid blueprint and putting it into action doesn’t just take careful planning and execution, it also requires solid communication. That’s why we’re dedicated to:

  • Committing time to scheduling a series meetings when it’s most convenient for you.
  • Allocating time after meetings for review and feedback.
  • Including all the necessary decision-makers in our meetings to streamline the process.
Designating one main point of contact to consolidate feedback.
And because we want to help you generate more traffic, leads and conversions, our team is available before, during, and after the website redesign implementation to ensure the best results.

Help Your Site Convert More Traffic into Leads with MINDVIBZ®

If you’re looking to increase your traffic, attract new customers, and generate more conversions, MINDVIBZ® can help with a strategic website redesign blueprint tailored to your situation, needs and business objectives.

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